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Location Base Marketing​

LBM refers to the use of public Wi-Fi networks through mobile devices in order to deliver messages and content at specific geographic locations. In essence, this marketing practice aims to reach the customer with experiences and content in the right place, at the right time, with the right message and experience (learn more).


WIFI has become a commodity, an expense and a pain point for entrepreneurs. Specially considering that at Millennial's economy: "No WIFI means no business."


In order to resolve the four major challenges of network business: poor quality WIFI routers, poor signal, friction with captive portals, and poor security. The INSIGHTS Co/ has developed a WIFI solution hassle free! Which consist in a pre-configured AP, easy to install, synchronize and ready to start doing business (Learn more).

Monetize your network

LBM strategies can be used to implement any type of marketing and advertising campaign and in practically any environment. Let's name just some examples of execution:


  • Context strategies.

  • Gamification.

  • Registration services.

  • Engagement.

  • Loyalty campaigns. (Learn more).


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