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LBM strategies can be used to implement any type of marketing and advertising campaign and in practically any environment. Let's name just some examples of execution:


  • Context strategies.

  • Gamification.

  • Registration services.

  • Engagement.

  • Loyalty campaigns.

Capture the audience attention with real time trivia and gamification campaigns, and reward them with memorable experiences!


Check In Services

Registration services are tactics used to invite visitors to register when entering into a venue. In exchange they receive coupons, discounts, product samples, etc.


Start monetizing your network since day one...

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A contact initiated on a Wi-Fi network can be tracked, inputted and integrated with CRM tools, this allows visualize the customers' journey in order to be redirected towards information kiosks, TV screens, stores, and more.

Context strategies

We help you understand the visitors location from a functional point of view in order to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time!

Engagement could be understood as a certain type of involvement or deep commitment, including matters with respect to loyalty and proselytism. It is a behavior that goes beyond being involved with a brand or initiative, people engage with those things that connects them with their deepest believes.



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