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We are a full service LBM Agency. We focus our value proposition in the following six main objectives:

Monetize investments

in network infrastructure


Network access has become a “must have – a ticket to play” when attracting the public and clients for any type of business and venues.


Based on this premise, many commercial initiatives are contributing large investments in network infrastructure to allow the creation of communication atmospheres; costly investments that in some manner may need to be subsidized. LBM is an efficient, trustworthy, and fair formula for businesses and customers. A formula where everyone benefits, users obtain network access, and in return, businesses receive data to help develop business strategies.

Develop alternative media channels


We generate efficient, measurable, and traceable mechanisms that make possible the application of investments in alternative communication channels.


We have the best tools and methodologies to deploy information and deliver marketing experiences in mobile environments.

Our LBM capabilities are more precise in tracking data and obtaining “insights” for optimization, than many other digital practices.

Deliver relevant content


LBM is an excellent mechanism to deliver relevant content related to customer's geographic context. Reason why information relevance is a prevailing factor in LBM practices.

Loyalty and Brand Activation


LBM as an great mechanism to generate activation strategies and loyalty programs. A contact initiated on a Wi-Fi network can be tracked, inputted and integrated with our CRM tools. We call this  “Progressive Profiling.”


This type of activity allow us the visualization of customer's journey through the technologies installed in the communication atmosphere.


Thus, a client who has started their journey connected to Wi-Fi can be traced, detected, or directed towards information kiosks, TV screens, and other mechanisms in order to create better brand experiences.

Enriched Data


Our data experts design strategies to help you enrich and optimize Data acquisition programs. LBM is a new change agent for almost any marketing activity, allowing data capture from practically every type of device, including video game consoles, tablets, IoT and IoTM.

New business models


LBM allows the creation of business models based on  risk mitigation, migrating from traditional CPM / Cost Per Thousand, to more assertive models like CPA / Cost Per Acquisition or CPV / Cost Per Visit.

We don't sell ads, we create audiences...

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